Deep-Dive Analytics

IDP delivers data-driven marketing solutions with a focus on ‘invasive’ data mining and deep-dive analytics. IDP‘s data-driven solutions reveal the complex interactions between customers and products.

Analytics-driven organizations are twice as likely to be top financial performers and five times as likely to make faster and better decisions. — Spend Matters Network, Apr 2018

Effective use of customer data is a competitive weapon. When you see unexpected behaviors in data, you need to be able to drill deeper. The thirst for information won’t be quenched by a static report. So marketers rely on deep-dive analytics like consumer behavior, retention and loyalty. Deep-dive analytics provide visibility into what customers buy, in what combinations, and how frequently.

Deep-Dive Analytics — Benefits

With deep-dive analytics, marketers leverage transaction data to get a panoramic view of customers. They track shopping behaviors. And engage customers with relevant offers on items customers care about. Marketers reward the right behaviors and prevent bad behaviors. Methods like segmentation, market basket, or recency, frequency, monetary (RFM) uncover customer behavior patterns and lifecycle profiles.

Customers want relevance… They realize the value of (their) data and expect brands to do something smart with it. Without it, they will disengage abruptly, and often permanently. — Relevant Dialogue, Oct 2015

Deep-Dive Analytics — Challenges

Consumers are unforgiving of poorly targeted, one-size fits-all marketing. They expect marketers to know what customers want next. More than ever, marketers depend on deep-dive analytics. And yet, marketers fail to get the analytics they need for targeted engagements. The challenge is effectively using all their collected data. And they’re drowning in data. Many aren’t sure of the data they have. They don’t believe they have the data they need; and what they have, they question the quality. Or, they can’t access.

Without good quality customer data and the resulting insights which identify buying behaviours, marketers are building their campaigns on flimsy foundations. Consumers expect a personalised experience and businesses need to make sure their customer interactions are right first time, every time.” —, Dec 2015

Deep-Dive AnalyticsThe roadblock isn’t statistics, but efforts spent to integrate data into actionable analytical data sets that produce analytics. In-house reporting tools can’t generate deep-dive data mining. And business analysts, who derive insights from data, can’t manage complex data. So many marketers fail to get the insights they need. And lose confidence in both reporting and data.

Deep-Dive Analytics — IDP

At IDP, we understand that your data is challenging and that you have limited resources. We remove the requirement that business analysts manage unruly data — bridging the gap between data management and analytics. So analysts focus, not on data, but on making recommendations from statistics.

The most critical part of marketable analytics is accurate supporting data. And rock solid analytical data sets even when facing difficult data. We build analytics to specific requirements that not only scale, but provide consistent results. Our deep-dive analytics draw accurate pictures of customer behaviors, and transform these into insights you take to market.

When the supporting data is rock solid, Deep-Dive Analytics are much, much easier!