Analytic SandboxIDP delivers data-driven marketing solutions focused on the art & science of ‘invasive’ data management and deep-dive data mining. We build analytical data sets and analytic sandboxes for database marketing that target your specific marketing directives.

It’s an absolute myth that you can send an algorithm over raw data and have insights pop up… NYT, Aug 2014

The Analytical Data Set

The analytical data set is the final data table used to conduct analytics. It’s the foundation for deep-dive analytics. Supporting analytics are largely hidden data management and data mining activities that represent 75% of the entire analytics process. These easily include several hundred million data rows and can significantly impact the time required to generate analytics.

During this ‘data prep’ process, new data relationships are discovered, new data transformations created and the best analytical approaches are developed. The results are actionable, marketable analytics.

The Analytic Sandbox

The analytic sandbox is physical space inside a production database where business analysts build, test and run analytics. Within the sandbox, analysts build analytical data sets and, in turn, analytics. Initial gains from an analytic sandbox are speed – impressive speed – literally turning hours of effort into seconds!

Gone are the data dumps!
Gone are the data transfers across networks!
Gone are the complex joins and aggregations on workstations!

Instead, the data warehouse is used for what it does best: data management. And the result is that literally, hours of effort drop to seconds. The ability to explore data relationships and interactions are much faster inside a database. After all, databases are designed for this type of work.

Create Analytics Sandbox. Provide an analytics environment that allows the data science team to rapidly ingest data, explore the data, and test the data for its predictive capabilities in a fail fast environment. — SysCon Media, Nov 2017

Another analytic sandbox gain is the ability to audit analytics. Business analysts notoriously accumulate rogue desktop data marts or ‘spreadmarts’. These datasets are collected from outside sources and stored in Excel, Access, SAS or even flat files. They’re inefficient, loaded with errors, and generate unreliable reports. They can’t be audited, and consequently, marketers lose confidence in both reporting and data.Analytic Sandbox

Migrating rogue data marts away from desktops and into analytic sandboxes gives all business analysts equal access to data. And all marketers equal access to reports. And as analytics migrate from workstations to the sandbox, business rules and processes also migrate. Analytics can be audited for accuracy.

The Analytic Sandbox — IDP

Analytic sandboxes preserve the single-view of data and speed up reporting. New analytics can be developed, tested and put into production quickly, giving a wider user group quick access to new reports. The process of analytics, from data mining to building analytical datasets, to publishing final reports can be audited, giving everyone confidence in the results. And analytic sandboxes become more valuable as data volumes explode and data structures become more complex.

More and more, Small & Medium Businesses are adopting analytic sandboxes to streamline the reporting process. At IDP, we build analytic sandboxes and analytical data sets to your specific marketing directives!