ad hoc analytics deep dive

IDP delivers data-driven marketing solutions with a focus on deep-dive analytics. These are ‘invasive’ database queries. And answer specific business questions, resulting in analytics that expose the interactions between customers and products.

Benchmarking against competitors is always going to be a strategic process that surprises marketers, but with social media you are dealing with public, unsolicited data and you are actually able to look at competitors in a way that your own proprietary data wouldn’t give offer. — CMO, November, 2017

To stay competitive, marketers rely heavily on specific-purpose analytics like consumer behavior, retention and loyalty. Marketers look at market trends and social media conversations to generate insights that are of increasing importance. Deep-dive analytics provide visibility into what customers are buying and how frequently. And they show product combinations purchased and responsiveness to offers.

Ad Hoc Analytics Deep-Dive — Benefits

With ad hoc analytics, marketers leverage transaction data to get a panoramic view of customers. They track shopping behaviors and engage customers with relevant offers. Offers on items customers care about. With ad hoc analytics, marketers reward the right behaviors and discourage unprofitable ones. Methods like segmentation, market basket, or recency, frequency, monetary (RFM) uncover behavior patterns and lifecycle profiles.

Customers want relevance… They realize the value of (their) data and expect brands to do something smart with it. Without it, they will not engage; or will disengage abruptly, and often permanently. — Relevant Dialogue, Oct 2015

Ad Hoc Analytics Deep-Dive — Challenges

Consumers are unforgiving of poorly targeted, one-size fits-all marketing. They expect marketers to know what customers want next. More than ever, marketers depend on deep-dive analytics. And yet, marketers fail to get the analytics they need. The roadblock isn’t statistics, but efforts spent to integrate data into actionable analytical data sets — data sets that generate analytics.

A problem marketers run into is that they don’t have the skillset to manage data, along with properly running tools to analyze data. With data, you’re able to identify a problem. But, you need to explain how you’re going to resolve that problem. — Forbes, Oct 2015

The challenge for marketers is effectively using data; and they’re drowning in data. Many aren’t sure of the data they have. They don’t believe they have the data they need. And what they have, they question the quality. Also, in-house reporting tools can’t generate deep-dive data mining. And business analysts, who derive insights from data, can’t manage complex data. So marketers fail to get the insights needed. And they lose confidence in both reporting and data.

Ad Hoc Analytics Deep-Dive — IDP

Your data is challenging and you have limited resources. IDP removes the requirement that business analysts manage unruly data — bridging the gap between data management and analytics — so analysts focus, not on data, but on making recommendations from statistics.

IDP delivers rock solid analytical data sets and actionable analytics even when facing difficult data. And we design analytics to specific requirements that not only scale, but provide consistent, marketable results. We transform data-driven insights into strategies you take to today’s market.

When the supporting data is rock solid, deep-dive analytics become much, much easier!