Ad Hoc AnalysisIDP delivers data-driven marketing solutions like, ad hoc analysis, that focus on ‘invasive’ data management and deep-dive data mining.

80% of the business problems faced by most front line managers can be solved by using simple business analytics methodologies. — Harvard Business Review, Nov 2015

To be sure, business statistics rarely challenge marketers. But marketers are stymied by the 20% of ad hoc analysis that require exhaustive data exploration needed to answer specific, complex, business questions. The challenge for marketers is using their large data volumes to effectively engage customers. Many aren’t sure of the data they have. They don’t believe they have the data they need; and what they have, they question the quality.

On top of all that, in-house reporting tools don’t generate the deep-dive analytics required. And business analysts aren’t trained to manage complex data or disparate data sources. So Marketers fail to get the insights they need and lose confidence in both reporting and data.

Our goal is to solve your complex analytic challenges — the 20% — while understanding that you have limited resources.

Ad Hoc Analysis — IDP

Effective use of customer data is a competitive weapon. And the foundation to successful analytics is accurate, reliable data. Ad Hoc AnalysisAt IDP, we understand that your data is challenging, and that you have limited resources.

A problem marketers run into is they don’t have the skillset to understand and manage data, along with tools to analyze and gather data… — Forbes, Oct 2015

IDP empowers marketers to control their data, their analytics and their marketing technology. We remove the requirement that business analysts manage large data volumes or complex data structures. We bridge the gap between data management and analytics. So analysts focus on making recommendations from the statistics and not on data. We manage those large data volumes with complex structures; we integrate disparate data sources and build rock-solid analytical data sets.

Our analytics are always built to your specific marketing requirements. Working closely with marketers, we dissect customer data. We identify, develop and validate data interactions & relationships. And of course, we always collaborate with marketing to generate the right methodologies that produce actionable results.

When the supporting data is rock-solid, then Ad Hoc Analysis become much, much easier!